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Equality Of Opportunity Versus Equality Of Outcome

  • The Eleutherian
  • Published - May 23, 2018
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I hold the position that individual liberty is the noblest idea for actual freedom, where as group rights are intrinsically anti-freedom and inherently tyrannical.

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Christopher Stubentauch Published - Jul 13, 2018

Wow, good job in videoing your ideas. I think the main flaw about this idea is that, in 2018, there is no equality. In a perfect society of no inequality, there would be no insurances by education institutions for certain groups, because you wouldn’t need them. To ensure we get to that point, we are playing catch up and allowing those that would otherwise never be allowed certain “privileges” due to inherent and/or unconscious bias.

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Terrence Tam Published - May 23, 2018

While I understand your sentiment where you want everyone to suceed in society, you are confusing equality with the concept of equity. Equality is where you treat everyone the same, letting the greatest rise up. Equity is where everyone is given the tools to succeed. While equity is not a inherently evil, it promotes laziness and mediocrity, creating scenarios where the better are sidelined for the sake of social justice. It should have little place in our government as it is logistically impossible to quantify how much a person is being held back and when the line is equal. Institutionally, we are afforded the same rights and privileges and to implement equity would destroy that. So no, I do believe equality exists in western society and the competition is good, it brings out the best in our society. Qs for you: Equity > Equality? How to realistically quantify?

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lynette sosa Published - May 29, 2018

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The Eleutherian Published - May 23, 2018

I wrote the description using Siri dictation. I didn’t mean group rates, but rather group rights. Please forgive any other spelling or grammatical errors, ask me if you can’t understand something.