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Feelings on gay / lesbian relationships.

  • lynette sosa
  • Published - Jun 20, 2018
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How I feel about gay & lesbian relationships and the struggle I have with how the “church” treats gay and lesbian couples.

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al luz Published - Nov 08, 2018

Religion is about love, about respect, so, why doesn't the chuch marry homosexua people? that would be a good example of whay the religion represent

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bharat Rawal Published - Jun 20, 2018


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Siddharth Tiwari Published - Jun 20, 2018


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Mehmet Ali Published - Aug 20, 2018

Did you ever thought about it by looking at the evolution? Homosexuality is, in terms of men, unnatural. Unnecessary and absolutely dangerous for human species.. I know I can't judge about other people and I know that this is not my job to tell people how to live. I just cannot understand why people invent things that are against evolutionary rules..

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James Marcel Published - Aug 19, 2018

The premise of Religion is that man is sinful and needs guidance. The Bible is clearly against the gay life style. The idea of letting people choose their own morality can not work with this belief system. Religion can not simply change because sinful people don't like the religion's dictates.

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john smith Published - Jul 31, 2018

the LGBT community is an abomination. The Bible says that man shall not go in with man as if woman. the Bible also says nothing about how we have to "tolerate" such people.

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.QW3RTY . Published - Jun 20, 2018

so are you then against gay marriage?

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.QW3RTY . Published - Jul 28, 2018

There is no reason to stop gay marriage since it doesn't affect the church's or anybody else. The only problem is when you force church's to participate or even just host gay marriages. So basically I support gay marriage as long as it doesn't affect others

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Steven Burris Published - Jul 18, 2018

Most churches may as well have an "all fags go to hell" sign on the door. Christians need to stop alienating the gay community. I am a heterosexual male... born that way... which son of mine is less than theirs? Love is the new covenant.

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Faith D Published - Jul 16, 2018

PREACH; He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her John 8;7 but however I do believe that it is not how God's plan for us is but, even if it is a sin, God says that all sins are equal. It is their decision and it is no ones place but God to judge

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Christopher Stubentauch Published - Jul 13, 2018

Just signed up and your video was on top! What a pertinent issue! I think you did the right thing, you should stand up for other people’s (and your own) rights

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Matt Lowe Published - Jun 27, 2018

lightning video I think it's a great question to start off with you have to look at the four Gospels and realize that only one of the Gospels was a I Witness testing on the other for rent after he died that were interviews my people said they were there and Jesus did not come into the world in the world so it wouldn't have made sense for him to come and talk about send it to me when he was there to save the world up there safe so that's more of what he preached about and then when it comes to churches a lot of churches grew up on the bully pulpit which was a and I want to come to church is a lot of church is true up on the fully puller which was the whole pet up when you come in and you coming into pastries care people to come to the altar and for his are going to have my believe the next 8 years you will see and yes we're Jesus does not talk about homosexuality it is mentioned in the New Testament in the few different places Rome Romans being one of them that does mention homosexuality is wrong where I do not don't homosexuality I do not condemn people who are in that relationship there has been no scientific evidence they have done studies and they have not found a gay chromosome 18 that would indicate that there is a reason why someone is gay so does that mean that it's

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lynette sosa Published - Jun 20, 2018

It was Proposition 8...not 9. sorry - a good friend corrected me. Also, I uploaded this under Holier Than Thou not Family & Sexuality.