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For the existence of God

  • The Eleutherian
  • Published - Aug 02, 2018
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In what little time is allowed, I try to make an argument for the existence of God.

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Apryl dawn Published - Jun 18, 2019

this is a decent argument but evolution doesn’t happen all at once. you don’t have a broken machine for 900 years and then have a perfectly complex working on. the machine is ever changing. look at the human body. why do we have a appendix? it’s virtually useless and if it breaks it can kill us. it’s left over from an evolutionary level. but your arguemeng was really good. didn’t agree but well put together

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Trent Ray Published - Nov 05, 2018

If a person believes in the bible 100 percent they would beleive the scripture at Roman 1:20...basically a person should be able to see the creation around them and recognize there is a creator