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Harley-Davidson Terrell

  • Matt Lowe
  • Published - Jun 28, 2018
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just wanted your opinion

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TJ Wheat Published - Jul 03, 2018

i personally agree with HD moving some of their production overseas. Like it or not we live in a global economy that the US has greatly benefited from over the years. Trade wars never end well and always have unintended consequences. Trump is a transactional “deal” maker who doesn’t think about the long or medium term. He only thinks about what benefits him over the next 24-48 hours and HD which is an American icon moving it’s production is a major unintended consequence of his tariffs. His antics of blasting anyone and everyone who may disagree with him is starting to get old and I personally think a majority of Americans are getting tired of it. At the end of the day we are peaceful people who when we sit down face to face we find many more similarities than differences. The problem is we have a leader who uses his bully pulpit to bash anyone with a differing opinion. sorry if there were any misspellings or incorrect grammar. This was typed out on my phone. .